Fujifilm 200 36exp

Fujifilm 200 36exp

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This Fujifilm 35mm film is 36 exposure ISO-200 speed film. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and provides bright, vibrant coloured photos.


Fujifilm 200 ISO brings you natural blue tones and wide tonality while being forgiving with the highlights. Fujifilm films tend to be green-based (unlike Kodak’s yellow base), although gives a hint of warmth amongst the green. It brings picture quality by combining the colour quality, fine detail, and picture clarity. 


This film delivers sharpness and fine grain for clearer pictures even when enlarged. It produces consistently bright, vibrant colours across a wide range of lighting conditions.


- 200-Speed Film (ISO)

- Takes 36 Photos (Exposure)

- 35mm Format

- C41 Developing

- Great photography results under a wide range of different daylight conditions

- Colour tone is green based with tinges of blues and muted reds

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