Kodak ColorPlus 200 36exp

Kodak ColorPlus 200 36exp

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This Kodak ColorPlus 35mm film is 36 exposure ISO-200 speed film. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and provides bright, vibrant coloured photos.


Kodak ColorPlus 200 ISO is a versatile medium-speed daylight-balanced colour negative film, characterised by its fine grain structure, high sharpness, and rich colour saturation. It has a nominal sensitivity of ISO 200/24° along with a wide exposure latitude for exposing up to two stops under or three stops over to enable working in a wide variety of lighting conditions.


This film delivers sharpness and fine grain for clearer pictures even when enlarged. It produces consistently bright, vibrant colours across a wide range of lighting conditions.


- 200-Speed Film (ISO)

- Takes 36 Photos (Exposure)

- 35mm Format

- C41 Developing

- Great photography results under a wide range of different daylight conditions

- Fine grain and high sharpness